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Consular services offered by the Consular section of the Embassy of Slovenia in Pristina from 1 June 2020

We would like to inform you that the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Prishtina has been providing the following consular services since 1 June 2020:

1. Consular services for Slovenian citizens
From 1 June 2020 we provide all consualr services for Slovenian citizens. Consular service can be performed only on the basis of prior announcement and obtaining an appointment. The request for an appointment is submitted electronically to sloEmbassy.pristina (at)

2. Residence permit procedures
The Consular Section will invite clients to serve them the decisions in the residence permit procedures. Clients will be contacted by phone. At the same time, they will be given an appointment to come to the Embassy to collect the decision. If the client is not available by phone, the Embassy will send a written invitation with the assigned appointment.

If we have not contacted the client by phone or sent him a written invitation, this means that we do not have the decision or other documentation by competent Administrative unit in Slovenia to be issued to the client. In this case, we ask that the client addresses all requests for information on whether the application for a residence permit has been completed or other information on the procedure directly to the Administrative unit in the Republic of Slovenia  that is processing the application.

List of Administrative units in Slovenia with their contacts is available here: (

3. Fingerprinting in residence permit procedures
Through the Embassy's external provider VFS Global, from 1 June 2020, it is possible to obtain an appointment for fingerprinting for those clients who have been officially requested by the Administrative Units deciding on their applications for issuing residence permits in Slovenia to submit fingerprints through the Slovenian Embassy in Pristina.

The following steps need to be followed for obtaining an appointment and submitting fingerprints:

- To obtain an appointment, the client calls the call center of the external provider VFS Global on the telephone number 0900 111 22, from Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 4 pm. The appointment can only be obtained by calling the specified number.

- On the given appointment the client comes to the VFS center, located at "Vicianum C.2.7 - Dumnica Building", Arberi in Prishtina. If the client does not show up on the appointment, he must obtain a new appointment.

- The client MUST prove the obligation to give fingerprints with a copy of an official letter from the competent Administrative Unit from Slovenia which shows that the person (name, surname, date of birth) is requested to submit fingerprints. A client who fails to bring a copy of the above mentioned document to his appointment and does not prove this obligation to give fingerprints, the fingerprints will not be collected. The client must identify himself / herself with a valid passport when taking fingerprints.

- The VFS Global fee for fingerprinting is EUR 20 per client and is paid on the day of the appointment directly to the VFS.

4. Visa procedures
Short-stay visa operations (Schengen visa C- private visit, tourism, business) remain suspended until a joint decision is taken by EU Member States to re-establish visa operations.

Long-stay visa operations (national visa D) remain suspended until further notice except in documented exceptional cases.

In documented exceptional cases (especially those where the national interest is demonstrated), the Embassy may accept the visa application, but only under additional conditions that the client submits a plane ticket proving that he can travel to Slovenia within 15 days of issuing the visa, as well as proof that he can return to his home country until his visa expires.



Entry into the Consular section will be allowed only to clients who have an appointment and who are adequately protected and wear a face mask.

Client who shows visible signs of infection will not be allowed to enter the Consular section despite the appointment.

A client who has an appointment should report to the Embassy at the exact time.  

Staying and grouping in front of the Embassy is not allowed.

If the client does not show up for the agreed date (appointment), he / she will have to apply for a new appointment via sloembassy.pristina (at)

Consular information is provided to clients only via e-mail (sloembassy.pristina (at) or by phone, from Monday to Thursday between 15.00 and 16.00 on the telephone number +383 38 246 255.